Atmosphery Contemporary music collective


Elephone by Elephone

  • Elephone : field recording, electronics

Released 21 december 2014

Times by Akar + Elephone + Töln Uldro

  • Akar : electronics
  • Elephone : electronics
  • Töln Uldro : electronics

Released 01 april 2014

Mare by Akar

  • Akar : trumpet, electronics

Released 14 march 2014

Aina by Töln Uldro

  • Töln Uldro : alto sax, flute, piano, electronics

Released 01 january 2014

Sfumato by Töln Uldro

  • Töln Uldro : alto sax, flute, piano, electronics

Released 01 september 2013

Alphabet by Töln Uldro + Akar

  • Töln Uldro : alto sax, flute, piano, electronics
  • Akar : soprano sax, trumpet, electronics

Released 10 july 2013

Asmiria by Töln Uldro

  • Töln Uldro : alto sax, flute, piano, electronics

Released 01 july 2013


Vino One minute composition

Akar and Elephone wrote a small composition intended to be played during the Vinochromie event in Lille, in collaboration with Sonia Poli for the paper collage.

Soma Interactive composition

Elephone participated to a workshop organized by Art Zoyd. For the show, he composed an interactive music piece which he controlled while he was dancing.

Hibikane Sound painting

Hibikane is a sound installation which allows users to manipulate sounds while they are drawing together. This project uses Ableton Live, Max for Live and the Live API.

Sound escape Video projection

Sound escape is a video projection which we have created for our concerts, here is an extract.

Fingz Ableton Live touch controller

Fingz is an interface designed to control Ableton Live, with any type of (touch) screen, directly from your web browser. It allows multiple connections to any computer running Live on the network. So you can use it to jam and perform from different computers on the same Live set, or simply control Live with your fingers.

Ici comme ailleurs Radiophonic piece

Ici comme ailleurs is a radiophonic piece composed with a cinematographic approach. Inspired by the novel by Lee Seung-U, it has been created as a polyphonic piece where each voice/layer corresponds to a particular story. The idea was to free, to liberate the listener, by giving to the sound its entire narrative force. In this piece the listener has a complete control on the story he wants to live.

Acousma batterie Sound installation

In a room, the percussion will play a composition specially made for this device by itself. Its diffusion is activated through vibrant speakers in the drums. The sound, picked up by a microphone in each of the drums, is reworked and composed to be transcribed again in the percussive beat.


Atmosphery is a contemporary music collective composed by musicians coming from different backgrounds. The musical universe proposed by Atmosphery is broadband, going from electronic and contemporary jazz to acousmatic, experimental and improvised music, always inspired by wide spaces.

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